Through our partnerships with cultural groups and various other organisations, we have been able to build projects that benefit our elderly Spanish community.

Thanks to the financial support of the City of Sydney, we can provide events and activities for our community to enjoy.  Our 2018 Diversity Day and 2019 Cookbook, where we present homemade recipes from our Spanish and Chinese community, are recent examples of what can be achieved.
Thanks to the support of NSW Government, for bringing the Grandparents Day project to life in October of 2018.
With the participation of Fusion Culture Group, we have developed fun and meaningful projects that bring different cultural groups (Chinese and Spanish) together.
These projects provide a great opportunity to break cultural and language barriers through the food and music, allowing our community to build new friendships and appreciate the beauty of other cultures.

We operate in a rich environment of generous and hard working organisations that provide a broad range of services to our community. To explore more, please follow these links. 

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